Advanced Mannequin


Our advanced training mannequins come with removeable eyelids for realistic practice and application. Perfect for lash technicians looking to practice their set or for trainers to use with their students. Eliminates the need for a live model. Remover can be used to remove the lash extensions like you would with a real client. Includes a groove on the forehead to stick your practice strips. Comes with an extra pair of eyelids.

How to care for your training mannequin

  • Apply lash remover on to your dolls lashes as you would with a real client.
  • Let the remover sit for 15 - 20 minutes before removing the lashes.
  • Wash the lashes with a lash shampoo.
  • Remove the eyelids and dry thoroughly. Making sure to dry inside of the eyelids also.
  • Store your mannequin in its box to keep it free from dust.


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