Silicone Practice Hand

Silicone Practice Hand

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  • 100% Silicone with armiture, fully flexible and soft.
How to use your Nail Genie


1) Glue method: Glue your acrylic nail tips directly on to the nail bed of your hand. However, this will require you to soak off the acrylic nail once application is complete. Your hand does not dissolve in acetone.

2) Non Glue: Insert a Square nail tip in to nail bed and work on top of the nail tip. Square nail tips can be purchased here.

For the longevity of your Hand it is important to look after your practice hand and maintain it well:
  • Do not rip off the nails
  • Do not bend fingers in unnatural positions

Doing these things may result in you breaking the wiring inside your hand.

Stand and nail tips sold separately 


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